Finding Home

There are people just like you…

Good morning from cool and gloomy Vermont. Yesterday I wrote out a draft of my blog entry for the week, but this morning’s disturbing dream changed my direction. In the dream, a co-worker said she hated my books–they were floral. (Apparently, this was the worst insult I could get.) I’m interpreting that as anxiety because I’ve received little feedback on Quill Point since my book came out in late October. I just checked Amazon for reviews, and did find two new excellent five-star comments from total strangers regarding Peace Cottage. So they didn’t think that book was floral.

Anyway, I got up after my dream woke me, and everyone is still asleep here, except Scout, who is in my lap and dreaming of frozen peas. Since the students are on Thanksgiving break at school, I have another Sunday off, and the nice thing is I don’t have any great plans or projects that have to be done. So I’m knitting today and listening to the Christmas Carol on YouTube. Tim is heading to our craft booth at the mall; he’s got another order of long and short sleeve tees to stock, and even a new pattern to introduce–Serena’s Stay Wild design. We’ll know in a week how November sales were.

My first book signing at the Mall is at 10 AM on Saturday. Most of you know that I’m not conducive to mall environments–the noise, the crowds, the artificial lights, the smells. But this is what I figure: Chances are, amidst the cacophony, there are people just like you who are kind, supportive, and like how I write. Those people are who I want to attract and establish a relationship with. My goal is to sell eight books in three hours. I can do that. And before you know it, I’ll be home in time to attend the church service for the first week of Advent.

I hope to see some of you on Saturday. Thanks in advance for being my security blanket. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


Pumpkin, Autumn, Autumn Decoration




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