Finding Home

Under the radar.

Good morning from bleakish Vermont! Yesterday we were at almost peak foliage here, and what a thrill it was for our senses. I sat out back on our red bench with the dog bundled up in my lap. He sniffed, I saw, and then we switched. (Neither of us barked.) I’m in a great mood, my brain is spiffy, and I’m ready to write. It helps that I have the day off, since the students are on break. Anyway, Friday my sister and I attended the University of Vermont’s Women’s Health and Cancer Conference, my first time, her zillionth. In one of the sessions, I heard a survivor’s philosophy that cancer is a lifestyle change, like starting a new job. I thought of Serena, with her chronic illness, and my perspective shifted. She too has had a lifestyle change–this seems to me a more positive way to think of it. And then at a session on mindfulness, I heard this wonderful equation:

Suffering = stress x resistance. Isn’t that spot on?

That got me thinking about my bucket list, and how I had never made one. So right then and there, as the words of the presenters wove their way in and out of my ears, I started one. I even gave it a formal title–Lisa’s Bucket List (I know, pretty original).

  1. Live on the Maine coast and explore it with joy for at least ten years.
  2. Visit France, England, Scotland, and Italy.
  3. Tour parts of the United States and Canada with Tim in an RV.
  4. Learn how to play pickle ball and become part of a sports community again.
  5. Finish our wedding album.
  6. Finish my photojournalism autobiography project.

Notice there’s no “write another book” or “clean the garage” or “attain zero waste.” Those are all things I expect will happen over the course of my remaining years, so they aren’t bucket list material. But the six I have, they’ll be a stretch. They’ll be major; yet, from where I am right here and now, they are attainable.

I also attended a cooking demonstration on digestive health (which is why today I will make a Superfood Quinoa Salad). And this is the nugget of information that I gleaned: Be more consistent with your fiber intake and your stomach will have an easier time digesting. I thought I’d slip that in under the radar.

My book is happening but I’m being quiet about it just in case. We should know soon how our sales have been at the Mall. And finally, last year, a bit damp in the heart, I started listening to Christmas music at this time. This year, I think I can wait until November.

I leave you with a photo of a bucket. Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home (if I remember, because last week I plain forgot).


Old, Rust, Boiler, Metal, Rusted, Door






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