Finding Home

It looks like a bird’s nest.

Good morning from moody Vermont. Today I am 57. I’m outside in our backyard on our bench. I plan to stay outside for much of the day; that is the best way I know how to celebrate myself.

There’s a story about our backyard. Since we moved to Soft Landing, it has been A Backyard, not any place for us to hang out, because other dog owners would bring their dogs here to do their business. It was annoying, but we figured it was common land. The last few weeks, I’ve been having some dog issues with other dog owners (dogs not on leashes, etc.) and I finally reached out to the owners of the complex. I asked what the deal was about leashes, and also asked if we had backyards. It turns out that yes, we do have backyards, and other dogs and their humans aren’t supposed to be hanging out in them. So that’s why we now have a bench here and why we are actually using the space. It’s nice to see other neighbors now doing the same. The lesson here? Ask boldly!

I haven’t heard from my publisher, and while I figure all that out, I’ve decided to take the summer off from blogging. You are all a patient bunch and I know you’ll understand. I’ve also decided that my experiment of growing out my hair needs to stop as well. It looks like a bird’s nest, and the only way to get it in some sort of order is with a lot of product or a perm. Neither are options, so next Saturday morning I’m going back to my short and sassy look. I want to go back to that “up in the morning and off to work” feeling instead of “Oh my God is that a squirrel?” (Don’t laugh–one time it was…)

I wish you all a happy summer, and I’ll see you in the fall.


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Finding Home

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