Finding Home

“I’m here to help you”

Good morning from partly sunny Vermont (I’m being generous here). This morning Liv and I traveled to Montpelier’s Hunger Mountain Coop to stock up on bulk items with our bags and empty containers from home. The entire experience went well, although now I have to figure out the cost benefits and losses–you know, everyday math. I’ll blog on that some other time. Because here’s what I really want to concentrate on:

“Quill Point–Chapter One.

Leave it to Shawn to ruin her day. As Eva looked back on the Quill Point realtor’s visit, she remembered seeing the victory drain from his eyes when he realized she already knew about the energy company Gesco and its interest in her farm. Why else would the old potato field show up featured in a nature documentary abut natural gas pipelines invading the Northeast? To think that her beloved home might be destroyed by the consequences of fracking–it was enough to send her right back to the emergency room.

Shawn put on his best “I’m here to help you” face, and explained what might happen with her farm if she didn’t have someone like him representing her. She listened with all the respect she could muster, and then showed him out. His wasn’t the kind of representation she had in mind.

Gesco. What was it? A quick Google search answered her question–a large energy corporation from New Jersey, with natural gas partnerships somewhere in northeastern Quebec. Eva, dressed in lightweight red flannel pajamas and moose-patterned grey socks, sat down at her kitchen island. She removed her hair tie and freed her curly shoulder-length brown hair. As she stretched her neck and shoulders to release tension, she grabbed a pen and a note pad at the corner of the island. Time to formalize a plan.

“Number one,” she spoke aloud as she wrote. “Call Finn. Number two. Call Mr. Crowley for the name of an environmental law attorney. Three. Attend select board meetings. Four–stay healthy. Five–research Vermont environmental law.”

Gil, her kitten padded into the kitchen from the dining room and jumped onto her lap. Eva let him settle while she picked up the phone to call her boyfriend and housemate, Finley Crowley.

Finn picked up at once. “Hey, girl, what’s wrong? Are you sick again?”

Eva had recovered from surgery for the ulcers she developed after her parents, Emma and Randy Blanchard, died in a car crash, but the people she loved weren’t convinced she felt strong and fit again. So, they kept asking.”

And that was page one, everybody. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


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