Finding Home

Joy all around.

Good morning from a possibly sunny Vermont. Happy Mother’s Day! Me, I feel quite celebrated, thanks to the gluten-free orange, cranberry scones Tim made me for breakfast. And I get to celebrate my mother later on for lunch. But now I have a fun story to tell you. Friday morning, after several reschedules, I met my dear friend Amy for tea at the Fork and Gavel in Hyde Park. It’s a new, little, breakfast and lunch place where Sweet Crunch used to be. Anyway, after we had chatted a bit, Amy reached into a bag and pulled out a package wrapped in hot pink tissue. Clueless, I opened it upside-down, but still knew exactly what it was–a stack of handkerchiefs of all ages and colors and patterns. The coolest present ever! She had gathered them over the years and didn’t know what to do with them, and after she read my blog last week, she knew she’d found an owner. I laundered them on the delicate setting, and then one by one I placed them into my Mason jar, fluffy side up. I used my first one yesterday; it was white with blue flowers around the edges.

But that wasn’t all! Amy went back into her bag and pulled out another package of red scarves. Beside myself with excitement, I was. And it got better. When I got home and later showed both girls the scarves, they immediately made piles for themselves and started to figure out how to arrange their hair with them. One of them asked, “Does she have a set in yellow?”

So now I have a set of beautiful hankies, red scarves, and a wonderful memory of spending time with Amy. That’s a good story in my book of life. Next on my zero waste list is to get brave enough to bring my glass containers to the Hannaford’s meat department. “Two chicken breasts in this jar, please, and a pound of ground beef in this one.” (I’m practicing.) I think my sister the quilter is up for making me cloth bags for holding my bulk dry goods. Joy all around.

There’s something wonderfully settling about sitting on the couch with the dog next to me, and knowing that today I really don’t need a thing. Except maybe a piece of Mother’s Day cake.

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.







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One thought on “Joy all around.

  1. Lisa,
    A wonderful, inspiring post. I found out yesterday that the local plant nursery will no longer sell Round Up (pure poison and bad for pollinators) partly at my urging, I like to think.
    Please keep us posted on your encounters with Hannafords. You are educating them. Always a good thing.

    Thank you! Ann

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