Finding Home

In my head and heart.

Good morning everyone from sunny Vermont–the sun is out! I’m wearing the first sandals of summer and even a spring skirt. I’m happy to report that no one at Easter mass fainted from the glare of my white legs. You may have noticed that I didn’t blog last week. I totally forgot. Sorry about that. Part of it is that I’m out of book/author mode, not having heard from my publisher in over a month. And since I’m not writing anything new–Stella Ramone remains suspended–it’s hard for me to focus on blogging every weekend. I’ll right myself, I’m sure.

I discovered something about myself this past week. You know how I’ve been looking and looking for a tiny house for Serena to live in? Studying the Tiny Homes for Sale website, collecting builders portfolios, etc. It turns out that I want that dream for myself also. I want to live in a tiny house in Maine. I want to totally own our home on wheels, and rent a small bit of property to hold it. I think about 400 square feet on a quarter acre will do nicely. With a first floor bedroom for us and a loft for Liv when she returns from college. And Serena will be in her own tiny house, fulfilling her own dreams. I’ve got everything all wrapped up, in my head and heart, anyway. And if I reviewed these blogs, I’d no doubt find the recurrent theme of hoeing out and reducing our carbon footprint. Tiny was the way I’ve always been heading, so tiny is where I’ll go.

Here’s a glimpse of where I could be blogging from one day. Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


Image result for tiny house

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Finding Home

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