Finding Home

It all comes out even.

Good morning from snowy, cold Vermont. Yesterday, the weather was warm enough that I got a huge jolt of Spring energy. I used a bit of it to lug my planters into my wagon and place it on the side of our walkway, and I brought out our two porch chairs and little table. Best of all, Scout and I sat outside on the bench with our faces to the sun. That was a good time.

Today we drive to Plymouth, Massachusetts for Liv’s volleyball tournament tomorrow. I haven’t seen her play since last fall, so I’m looking forward to watching her play the sport she loves. And I get time with Tim–we travel well together. Perhaps we’ll scoot away from the gym to stand at the ocean.

These days I’m thinking a lot about moving to Maine. I peruse the jobsinmaine website, and look for three-bedroom condos to rent. That’s my idea of surfing the net. I find these wonderful deals only to realize they are way North on the Canadian border. I suspect when it is really the time to look, something will open up. Just like Soft Landing did. I’m also thinking about refitted vans or tiny houses for Serena. I could spin a tale so fine about her living that kind of life.

For Christmas, my friend Kathy gave me a set of beautiful soft, yellow placemats with floral napkins to match. I had no plates to match them, so I decided I would get some deep blue Fiesta dishes for my birthday. But that was just one more purchase. Instead, I stopped at our local Resource store and found a set of beautiful hand-painted luncheon plates, cream colored with green leaves and black stems. The print reminds me of Japanese art. Anyway, they are stunning with the placemats. Total spent? $8.40, about the cost of one new Fiesta plate. Now I can bring our set of Melamine plates to our favorite thrift store. It all comes out even.

That’s it for this morning. I leave you with this sweet picture of the inside of a tiny house. Wouldn’t you like to live there? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.





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