Finding Home

A sensible plan.

Good morning from sunny Vermont (yes, finally!). Everyone except the dog and I is still sleeping. Sunday mornings are catch up days–getting up at 5:30 AM every weekday is trying. I’ve been hunting around for a different WordPress theme to use, now that I know so much about screen reader accessibility through work. It turns out that my current blog has a few problems, like its text on blended colors, the font size, etc. I like this template best so far:

How to switch over from one theme to another remains in the sphere of magic. Perhaps my friend Katie Robinson will help me do the conversion. If I end up self publishing, I’ll hire Katie to get me through the process, step by step. But before I go that route, I’ve decided to leave Quill Point in the hands of Curiosity Quills for a while longer. I heard from Eugene, the co-owner, and he said, though there were no guarantees that the business would continue, if I stayed with him and CQ, he would make an exception and publish Quill Point in book form. Since my book wasn’t due out until July anyway, I’ve decided to give CQ until then to make it happen. Meanwhile, it will give me time to raise the money to hire Katie if CQ folds. It seems like a sensible plan.

Friday spring arrived, just for the day. With the warmer weather and the sun, I felt full of energy. I moved furniture around, sorted, and hoed out–I bagged up all of my worn out clothes and shoes and sent them off to Good Will. I was so happy! I’m a child of spring and summer, that’s for sure. Still, except for driving conditions, this winter hasn’t been so bad. Mrs. Potts, Soft Landing, my job, my family and friends and hobbies–all have combined to support me in this gray, often relentless winter. As my girls say, I’m good.

Next Saturday we’ll take a quick trip to the coast to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. I can’t wait to see him and his wife in their new home. And I can’t wait to see the water. That’s all for now. Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.








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