Finding Home

The fancy seats.

Hello from gray Vermont. I’m writing from our bedroom nook, with a dog on my lap and my body turned at a crooked angle so I can type over his head. Lap dogs must be accommodated. I heard from my publisher. I’ll have to reread his email a few times, but I think he’ll make an acceptation to publish Quill Point as a book if I stick with Curiosity Quills. He’s also happy to reverse my rights. So now I need to think things through. What’s best? What’s the least risk and stress for the most benefit?

Meanwhile, this morning I brought Miri to a high school parking lot and she practiced driving, parking, backing in and out, yielding, and turning her blinkers on. She did great, especially since the roads around the school were snow covered and slick. Next week we return to the school for a refresher, and then we and Mrs. Potts will hit the road, as they say, and she’ll drive from the school to my mom’s house. Our hope is that she’ll have her license by summer. As parents, we have lagged in this regard.

Now that it’s February, I’m looking ahead to our trip to New York City. You’ll remember the night we arrive, we’ll be attending the symphony. Serena googled what to wear to a symphony, and it turns out that it depends on what seats you have. For the fancy seats, you wear fancy attire. For the regular seats, you wear regular clothes. I think we’ll be in the regular section, so I’ll wear a nice work outfit. That should do.

Now I must get ready for work and then head to my mom’s to visit before my shift starts. I wish you all a good week, especially on these crazy winter roads. I leave you with a photo that Miri took of her sister in the fall.

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.












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