Finding Home

Just like oatmeal burning in the pot.

Good morning from full-blown snowstormy Vermont. We won’t be driving anywhere today, not even to visit my mother. Today I was supposed to return to my regular work hours at the college, noon to 8 PM, but because of the weather, the library is closed. I wonder if our electricity and internet will hold?

No word from Curiosity Quills, but I’m slowly moving to a decision. I’ve reached out to CQ asking for referrals regarding respectable agents, and have found a trustworthy person to walk me through the self-publishing process (including how to stay on Amazon) if that’s the road I choose. I think I’ll give it another week to see what pans out. I haven’t forgotten my promise to give you the story. At this point, it’s all about timing and my own reserves of energy.

I’ve been reading up on new teaching methods as I prep for information literacy lessons in several on-campus classes. Because it has been a dream of mine to learn all the romance languages, I was comforted to know that even though it’s harder to learn a new language as an adult, it is still quite possible, and so is learning more than one language at a time. Hearing the sound of a new word in a new language comforts me. Every now and then I pull a word from the atmosphere and I decline or conjugate it in Latin, Spanish, French, and Italian. I study the patterns and roll the sequences around my tongue. This is my idea of a good time. When I was at UVM, I took a linguistics course because I was interested in becoming one. But the instructor, I remember her well, gave us a horrid, dry textbook, and killed any interest I had in pursuing this subject further. Well, almost killed. I’m still hooked. I just wish I had more time.

I leave you with a fact. The pitter patter of snow against our windows sounds just like oatmeal burning in the pot on the stove. I forgot again.

Check in next week for another segment of Finding Home.










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One thought on “Just like oatmeal burning in the pot.

  1. Sue Breadner on said:

    Hi Lisa
    Sue here from Guelph Ontario Canada
    My husband’s friend …who he reached out to, to see if he might be able to help you out with publishing your book, has
    gotten back to Paul and said he really can’t ….he self publishes, but in small quantities of expensive museum type books, adn that he isn’t set up to be able to larger quantities of less expensive noel type books.
    So sorry for getting your hopes up.
    Wishing you the best for whatever you decide to do….

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