Finding Home

Call it a gift.

Good morning from cold, sunny Vermont. I bold “sunny” because it has been so cloudy and gray this winter, sun really makes our days pop. About a month ago, I found out that my publisher Curiosity Quills may be closing its doors due to financial problems. As of now, I still have a contract, but I fear that Quill Point won’t be joining Peace Cottage, Raising Evangeline, and Vinehart Farm anytime soon. The next obvious move would be to find an agent and seek another publisher. Due to life constraints, I’m not sure that will happen this year or next or even beyond. I’m very grateful for my three books being published in the first place, so I’ll never say anything negative about Curiosity Quills. I was lucky that we found one another.

So now what? My current thought is to include a chapter a week in this blog–so you all get the end of the story, for free. Call it a gift for sticking with me these last four or five years. I also need to place a large order of copies of my books while I can still get them, if I can still get them. I’m not sure how long they’ll stay on Amazon–that’s unfortunate; as eBooks, they are selling well. It’s all rather a big challenge, and currently overwhelming. Rats.

One last thing. Thank you all for your comments on this blog. I still don’t know how to reply to them. Every time I try, I get this pop up box asking me to do something that I don’t think is safe, virus-wise. I’ll continue to study this problem.

Anybody know where this photo was taken? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


SWK Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 10.57.07 AM



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One thought on “Call it a gift.

  1. Corlies Delf on said:

    Well, it’s a glorious photo, wherever it was taken!

    Oh no! Curiosity Quills having to give up its work? I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, Lisa. And THANK YOU for your thought of sharing Quill Point chapter by chapter. That’s quite a gift, and I’ll be very glad to have access to the rest of the story.

    I’m sending love to you, Lisa the Gently Determined.


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