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Passing the buck.

Good morning from snowy Vermont. I’m supposed to go to a friend’s open house today. I hope the weather and roads cooperate. This past week I had an interesting political discussion with Serena about the new congresswomen starting their terms. We also talked about potential candidates running for the 2020 presidential election. As I rolled out my thoughts about Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, names I knew, followed, and was comfortable with, she explained astutely why they still represented the status quo, and how, regarding our democracy, it was the younger generation we should be looking at and having faith in from this point on. I thought of all the harm we’ve done, all we’ve left for people like Serena to fix, and quickly! And at that moment, I knew she was right. It’s time to let go of our old, unwieldy and unhealthy models. If our democracy and our planet is to be saved, our young people need to take the lead, with their energy and creative applications and solutions.

Of course we should keep participating; at any age, we all have something special to offer, especially wisdom and experience. And I’m not “passing the buck.” (Remember: I’m still working toward zero waste.) But I think the current big voices need to be quiet for a while and let our younger ones speak. That’s as political as I’ll get here on this blog, and lest you think I’m straying off target in regard to my basic themes of home, family, writing, and curiosity, I’m really not. To me as a mother, my daughters’ voices count. And you know what? I learn something from them every day.

Quill Point continues to be in the queue for release in July.  I’m back at work lining up information literacy sessions in spring classes, and prepping for the forty or so online classes I’ll be a librarian in. All is well so far in this new year, and I wish you the same.

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.








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One thought on “Passing the buck.

  1. Great observation, Lisa. I agree. You put it very well.


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