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Her little pony Nellie

Good morning from cold and dullish Vermont. Lately I’ve become fascinated with the suffix “ish.” Recently, I read a book about how our goal as humans isn’t so much to be “good,” some fixed and finite state of being, but goodish, which allows for mistakes and growth and new learning. So now I don’t try so hard to be a good person, but a goodish one. That’s more my style anyway. Goodish. Try saying it a few times; it sounds like an oar cutting into the water and then sweeping back in ripples.

We have our last Christmas festivity today. We are meeting Tim’s brother and sister and spouses at the Mount Washington Hotel for brunch. There’s a scene in Quill Point which takes place at this resort. I’m looking forward to visiting again, not only because it’s fun to see my in-laws, but also to refresh my memory of the place and see if I got the description right.

The new year approaches. I have to say, I’ll be quite happy to see the old one out. Sure, there were many blessings in 2018, but the rough parts hurt a lot, and our family needs time to recover. I hope that 2019 isn’t so fraught with dis-ease.

And now, a quick story before I sign off. When my mom was five, she started school, half days. She’d ride her little pony Nellie to school, along with her brothers and sisters who walked beside her, and then leave Nellie outside for the morning until she was finished with her lessons. Then she’d ride her back home, alone. Mom guessed that the distance was about a mile. Her parents didn’t question that she was only five. Her teachers didn’t question that there was a pony outside. Mom said it was all acceptable and normal. Kids were “older” back then. I try to imagine sending Liv or Serena to school at five on a pony, but can’t get them past the driveway before my mind and heart start screaming “Unsafe! Stop!” It certainly was a different time back then.

Happy New Year everyone. May things turn around, shape up, or start dancing, depending on what you each need. Any traditions to report? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


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One thought on “Her little pony Nellie

  1. Lisa,

    I loved this post, especially for the notion of goodish (which implies for me a possible sense of progress and less judgement) and riding the pony to school. I had no pony, but when I was 6 walked to and from school ā€” about a half mile each way ā€” on my own. I began with kids from the neighborhood but felt OK about going it alone. I felt very confident. Iā€™m sorry children no longer have that opportunity.
    Happy New Year!


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