Finding Home

A personalized story to each bag.

Good morning from nippy Vermont. I’ve missed a few weeks blogging. I was out of town and didn’t have access to my laptop. But here I am, this second Sunday of Advent, ready to sit down with you for a good chinwag. First, great news! Many of you know I’ve been struggling for a few years with short-term memory loss. Friday morning, my doctor gave me a three page memory test, and though I was slow to answer each question, I aced it. She concluded that my brain was working well, but I was suffering the effects of a high level of stress. I was so excited–I mean, stress can be reduced right?

And there’s another piece of good news. Friday afternoon Serena had an X-ray of her neck. (Her neuro eye doc thought she might have damage there due to her vision problems.) And she does. Her top vertebrae is twisted one way, and the next in line is twisted another way, which explains her headaches and migraines and loss of vision and  feeling in her extremities. The chiropractor who took the scan will start adjusting her on the 20th (a three-hour appointment). Finally we get an answer–one of her concussions is the culprit! It’s funny how things work. My high school classmate Pam sent us to a doctor in Portsmouth who sent Serena to the neuro eye doc, who sent her to this special chiropractor back in Vermont. Perhaps Serena will actually end this year feeling better–what a concept!

I sold 17 books in all from the Bishop Marshall Craft Fair. My goal was five. I also sold half of Serena’s tees, most of her stationary, and a few of her tote bags. As I unloaded the car, balancing two large boxes in my arms, I lost my grip on my tea mug, and some spilled on the bags. I couldn’t sell them, so I bought them, and I’ve had such fun giving them away. And the tea stains add a personalized story to each bag.

What else? I’m on my third draft of a Christmas letter. Perhaps if I end up sending it out, I’ll post it to you next week. Every word and nuance has to be right though. I’ll take another stab at it this morning before work. Today the Kent elves continue to work on homemade Christmas and Hanukkah presents. So far, everything looks lovely.

Are you making holiday gifts this year? Check back next week for another round of Finding Home.









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