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Good morning from rainy Vermont. That cold rain is washing the outside of Mrs. Potts, and since she dislikes mud, she’s happy to get a bath. Unfortunately, driving to and from work today might be dicey. The pros and cons of rain…My editor says I have the bad habit of listing things. She calls me a lister. So instead of telling you all the things I did or did not accomplish over break, I’ll practice a better way.

I changed my dad’s guitar strings on his Taylor. After watching a few YouTube videos on how to change strings, I realized I had been doing this for years and there wasn’t any new method out there for me to adopt. It took me about 15 minutes, and I didn’t break the E string. His guitar is tuned and ready to play. Unfortunately, those few videos I watched said I shouldn’t leave my guitar out on its stand because it might dry out in winter’s low humidity. I love having it on a stand. I reach for it easily, and it’s beautiful to look at. If Serena can tolerate it, I’ll try using a humidifier downstairs. That leaves my Martin. I hope I can change its strings this week. And it’s funny–before I learned about how you’re supposed to keep your guitar in its case, I purchased another stand so the girls and I could reach for the guitars and play together. I know my Martin doesn’t have an expanding bridge, so I’ll definitely have to get some humidity in the living room. This guitar also is beautiful to look at, and its original case is falling apart. Humidity. We’ll give it a try.

Black Friday entered into our home. I did much of my Christmas shopping online, and of course I experienced a moral dilemma doing so. I wanted to buy local, but the few things that were on the girls’ lists weren’t available here. At least the packages will arrive in cardboard, something I can break down and add to our recycling. It’s really hard to do it all right. If I had started earlier in the year, like June, I could have figured out how to Christmas shop with my ethics intact. At least we are making all our presents for family and friends, with two weekend days in December dedicated for production, assembly, and shipping. And all four of us have a role, so that balances out the Black Friday debacle, doesn’t it?

I’ve been listening to Christmas music at every opportunity. On the very old Bing Crosby album, he talks about everybody joining in with him for Away in the Manger, for some “gang singing.” Because I’m me, I get an instant visual of the drug cartels running through the streets of Philadelphia singing Deck the Halls with Bells of Holly. Or think West Side Story: “When you’re an elf your an elf all the way.” I just read this paragraph to Tim and Serena and they didn’t get it. Serena said, “Maybe it will work for the older crowd.” Oh well.

I’m back on my Sunday morning posting schedule. This Saturday I’m selling my books and Serena’s newly designed tees and totes. Come visit me at the Bishop Marshall craft fair in Morrisville. It runs all day.

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.










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2 thoughts on “Humidity.

  1. Lisa, I believe you can purchase humidifiers to put in the guitar cases.

  2. Corlies Delf on said:

    Serena’s right. Your West Side Story reference works for me, and now I’ll have the Jets song in my head for a few hours. I like it! And I love the image of the four of you scheduling and then working on Christmas gifts together! Might there be some Christmas music in the background …. ?

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