Finding Home

I reach for her hand.

Good morning from cloudy Vermont. A clerk I talked to earlier said we are in for a cold snap. That’s just what it is, too. A snap of electric lines. A snap when houses shift. A snap of breath when it’s taken away. Here, inside, it’s warm and peaceful. I have the day off from college, and only the dog is awake beside me. Time I treasure…

Some of you might recall that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It helps us Americans all focus on what is working and good and plentiful in our lives. I’ve got a list going, and it’s so long it would take three blogs just to get the words down. Just so you know, I’m grateful for you.

We celebrate the holiday with my husband’s brother, sister, and their families. For so many years we gave my mother-in-law a ride down to Hanover, and I sat in the back between my two girls, singing every Christmas carol I remembered. They’d lay their heads against each side of me, and I enjoyed the scent of freshly washed hair.  Every now and again, my husband would reach back and squeeze my hand. Now, I’m in the front passenger seat, and sometimes there’s only Liv in the back. I reach for her hand…

A word on my book. In the last two weeks, I finished my edits in Quill Point and now it’s off into the production queue. My mom read my manuscript and loved it. Now one of my sisters is reading it. I gave my siblings the chance to opt in early. It’s a gift to them. They’ve given so much to me.

I turn now to the business of marketing my four books. I’ll make lists and charts and use all my color pencils, and then ultimately, I’ll slog through it. But that’s later. Right now, it’s about Thanksgiving, and wishing you a day of thankfulness, a lovely meal, and sweet memories. Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


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Finding Home

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