Finding Home

With regards, Stella Ramone

Hello everyone–while I’m waiting for my second and last round of edits, I’ve been working at writing my fifth book, With Regards, Stella Ramone. Here’s the start of it:

“Before we get to Stella, let’s linger over this small village called Hardwick. Do you see it’s sloping Main Street, lined on the right with old, tall buildings? Notice that some have been renovated, and welcome you with their pleasing, modern fronts. Others are worn; still, they beckon with their colorful signs and window dressings. That brick one, in the middle, Stella owns it, all three floors. She has a clear view of the parking lot across the street; it abuts the river. That river gets wild and crazy with the spring runoff from the mountains. As far as she knows, her building has stayed dry, though other parts of the village have flooded.

Step away from Main Street. Do you see the bank? It’s closed on Saturdays, an inconvenience for this hard-working town. And notice the red and blue balloons flying from all the models lined up outside at the Ford dealer. Stella bought her Ford Escape there. Her’s is navy blue, going on its second year.

Overlooking the river is a small diner—very small, a tiny house version of a restaurant. Still, most days, that’s the busiest place in town. Right next door is the local garage. Stella’s high school classmate runs it. He also does odd jobs on the side, and Stella hires him for building repairs. His name is Ben, Ben Cloud. He’s pure Hardwick—no Native American, despite his last name. He’s told Stella before that he wishes he was Abenaki. He loves hunting and fishing, and spends much of his free time out in the woods. He’s a wood worker, makes bowls and such. He sells them at the Yes You May Café.

Now that’s a mouthful. The café makes up the first floor of Stella’s building. She thinks the name is silly, and hopes one day to change it to something more civil and generic, like the Hardwick Café. But change comes slowly in Hardwick; she’ll wait for a while.

Here’s Stella getting out of her Ford Escape. She’s parked behind her building, in her designated spot nearest the entrance. Before she bought her property, the prior owner added an elevator. It drove the sale price up, but Stella’s apartment is on the third floor, and that elevator sure saves on steps. It’s the only elevator for miles around.”

There you go, readers. You get a glimpse of the birth of a book. Do you sometimes get the urge to write your own stories? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


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  1. I’m in already.

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