Finding Home

Milking his injury.

Good morning from foggy, chilly Vermont. Yesterday I switched to fall clothes, and today when I go to work, I’ll wear an extra sweater. Heat won’t return to the library until mid-to late October. After I blog and tidy up the kitchen, I’ll switch our bed to flannel sheets and store the fan. I wish I had a small pumpkin to place on the stoop. Maybe next week.

I finished up some editing this morning, and am now on page 193. Just under forty pages left for my first round. Then I go over each page once more before I submit them back to Sharon the Editor. I hope she’ll be pleased. This book? I would love it even if I hadn’t written it. I’m getting better, readers.

Thursday night we had quite an adventure. I took Scout out to do his business around 8 PM, and on our walk back to the house, he started whimpering and picking up his paw. Once in the house, I tried to see if had picked up a tick or a thorn of some sort, but his paw got red and swollen and he wouldn’t let me touch it. So I brought him to the vet. She sedated him, at which point he projectile vomited all over my brand new on sale, white Keds. We cleaned up, and then the vet pulled a long stinger from his paw.

He was having quite a reaction to the sting, so she injected him with Benadryl, gave us some pain meds for him, and we went home. I stayed up with him that whole night, as he was groggy and in pain, and needed a careful eye and extra love. Somewhere to the side of the stoop or maybe in the back, we have a wasp’s nest. He’s now afraid to go on the grass. And, now that he’s feeling better, he is milking his injury, lifting his paw (sometimes the wrong one) to tell us we have to carry him everywhere. I love this little guy.

Serena will be producing two sets of tees for me to sell at the Bishop Marshall craft fair, and I’ll sell whatever I have left of my other books. I’m looking forward to fall, a first ever in years. I think it’s because I’m in Soft Landing, have Mrs. Potts, and an entire new to me wardrobe for cold weather. I’m not ready to say, “bring it on.” But I am ready to say, “I’ll try it one more time.”

How are you all feeling about it? Check back next week for another segment of finding home.







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2 thoughts on “Milking his injury.

  1. Here in Oregon, we’re grateful for fall and the increased moisture it brings, having been concerned about forest fires for the last couple of months. And fall is glorious here … Warm sunny days (71° today, a forecast of 85°! for Thursday) and chilly nights (40°). And the occasional rain we’re so thirst for. I’m Glad you’re feeling ok about the change of seasons around you. Stay warm!

  2. Hi Corlies–we are short of water here too, something I can’t ever remember saying in Vermont. Our water tables all around the state are low, and when it rains here, it never seems to be long enough to replenish that which is lost. Still, as in Oregon, it’s lovely now, as the Vermont leaves work up to peak and the nights are perfect for flannel sheets. I hope all fires have been quenched, and you are safe and happy. Lots of love!

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