Finding Home

What the heck?

Good morning from chilly, foggy Vermont. Note that I didn’t use an exclamation point after Vermont, because I just received my first round edits back this past week, and it turns out I have over 400 exclamation points in Quill Point, and my first task is to whittle them down to 15. So I’m practicing.

About those edits. I’m stuck on page five, where the editor states:

“There seems to be a plethora of detail.  It gets to be wearing for a reader.  It also, in the case of naming characters, can raise expectations that the character will have more than a walk on role.

Also, it seems like there might be too many items being described like the desk.  When describing and modifying, it helps to have a reason in mind.  For me, I can’t picture the setting.  At the beginning of each scene establish time and place so the reader can imagine it.”

What the heck? My last editor told me I had to describe more. Now, this editor is telling me I have to describe less! (Oh gosh, that exclamation point slipped out.) Are my descriptions wearing on you, reader?

This morning I planned to work through fifty pages, piece of cake. But now I’m stuck on page five. Do I take the editor’s advice and restructure my book? Or do I just cut out a few descriptive terms and move on? Darn. I don’t know what to do. There is good news. So far she hasn’t used the word “stupid.”

The way I see it, there’s nothing else to do but put my big girl pants on and get ‘er done. Thanks for your comments about your relationship with darkness. So many of us are moving from wrestling with the dark to accepting it.

Back to my book! (Whoops.) Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


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3 thoughts on “What the heck?

  1. I’m sending a hug for the work you’re doing, Lisa! I’m certainly looking forward to reading the finished book.

  2. I just finished page 50, a fifth of the way there!

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