Finding Home

“For sharing.”

Good morning from tentatively sunny Vermont. I’ve so strong an urge to comment about all things political occurring this past week. But that’s not my focus or mission with this blog, so instead I’ll tell you what will happen this week.

Today I start my fall term hours, Sunday through Thursday, noon to eight PM. When I go to work today, there will be students in the library activating their computers and asking where the bathrooms are. I’ll put my “On Call for Research” sign up at the Information Desk, and finish two lesson plans in my office for the literacy classes I’ll teach once classes begin tomorrow.

I’m nervous. Remember that dip in the stomach that you used to get at the start of a new school year? That happens to me every fall. I read somewhere recently that this particular feeling is the feeling of possibility, and I agree. Everything is possible at the start of a new school year. Still, those nagging questions remain. What if they don’t like me? What if I screw up and scar them for life when I talk about information bias? What if my new boss tells me I’m doing everything wrong? What if I have to move my office into the broom closet? What if I lose my job??

When I was young, my way of coping was to imagine the worst possible scenario and match it with a tolerable ending. Okay, I still do this. So even if the worst happens, I’ll be okay. Some new possibility will rise up and I’ll catch a ride, and it will turn out to be the best thing ever for me and my family.

But back to today, here’s a bright spot. I’m bringing a new carton of half and half for all my cups of tea this week, and I’ll write on it with a black permanent marker, “For Sharing!”

I leave you with my new photo for our college directory. It’s big, and that’s because I didn’t know how to make it smaller. I plan on using it for the back cover of Quill Point. Doesn’t it make me look bookish?

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


Kent, Lisa_1.jpg





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2 thoughts on ““For sharing.”

  1. Diane Marcoux-Laclair on said:

    What a great photo, Lisa. You are so pretty…. Have a great first day back, my dear. I remember those “scoogles” so well…. 😘🌹👍🏻

    Sent from my iPad


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