Finding Home

In crisp, certain terms.

Good morning from sunny Vermont. Today my husband and daughter travel to Montpelier, our state capitol, to join the students’ march for gun control. I’d be there as well but for a prior medical commitment. My sign would read: ENOUGH!

There are few things in the world I see as black and white anymore; time and life have softened me into shades of gray. At the same time, there are injustices I see in crisp, certain terms: hunger, poverty, the destruction of our environment, corporate greed, and the misuse of firearms.

My cousins and brother-in-law hunt. My cousins are in law enforcement. As a pacifist, I don’t like that they carry any arms at all, but I respect them–mostly because they are thoughtful and careful with their pistols, rifles, and bows and arrows, and I love them. That’s as far as my gray stretches.

Today’s march will make a difference in only to empower the voices of our young ones. Not just for this issue, but for every other issue they face in and outside of their homes. Don’t you wish our generation would have never let it get this far?

II pray for the safety of the marchers in Vermont, DC, and across the country. I pray that one heart in particular will change course. I pray that our state legislature’s gun control bill passes without effort.

Pull the fingers away from the casual owners of assault weapons, and what will you hear? The soft beating of the hearts of our children. Let’s stand up and support their bravery.


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