Finding Home

I don’t want to miss the miracles.

Good afternoon from frigid Vermont. It’s New Year’s Day, of course, and good wishes and good health to all of you for 2018. We’ve had a fairly good stretch of holiday here at Soft Landing, and I’ll admit right now that going back to work tomorrow won’t be easy (and this from someone who loves her job). But my plants need watering, and I’ve about 80 classes to prep for. I’ll adjust. And did you notice that, ever so slowly, our light is returning?

I haven’t checked my emails or Facebook all week, so I don’t know if my publisher has contacted me regarding Quill Point, but I’ve made a decision. If I don’t get a contract, I’ll blog each chapter throughout the year, until you all have read it. I don’t have the time or energy to look for a new publisher, and I really want to share my work. What do you think of that?

This morning we woke up to a cracked window in our upstairs hallway, from the deep cold and new construction, maybe. And I said, “Oh well, I’ll just call it in.” How uplifting–a burden that doesn’t need to settle onto our shoulders and whack us to death. Amen, sister!

I’ve made one resolution this year, to keep showing up. I don’t want to miss the miracles. What are your resolutions? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.










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One thought on “I don’t want to miss the miracles.

  1. Corlies Delf on said:

    You are a miracle yourself, Lisa Monique Marcoux Kent. Bless you for showing up in all the right places, all the right times. Publishing Quill Point in any way possible seems wonderful to me, but I Really Hope it can be through your publisher. I’ll be holding that thought for you, and for it.

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