Finding Home

Over the top.

Hello from cloudy, warm Vermont. This last week felt over the top, and I’ll tell you why. First, we had another great trip to Maine. We walked on the beach, looked out over the water until our minds went blank, ate well, and visited with our friend. We read Louise Penny’s new novel to each other. Though we didn’t completely recharge, we at least added water to the bottom of our wells. The way back took seven hours of driving, thanks to two bottlenecks on interstates 93 and 95. We arrived four minutes before Liv and her team played their first volleyball match.

From there, my week filled with appointments and work, appointments and work. In the little spare time left, I edited and proofread Quill Point, and though I didn’t finish, I’m almost done. It will go to Curiosity Quills by November 1, or at least that’s my goal. But there’s a new book in town. A few years ago, my friend Amy sent some possible titles my way, and I discovered her email while looking for something else. One grabbed my attention, and now I have the characters developed, the setting chosen, and I’m still working on a plot. You ready for it? The Love Letter Clinic at the Bonnie Fay Book Stop. I can’t wait to start writing.

Some of you have been asking for a status on Serena’s living and health situation. Health-wise, she’s struggling. Breathing is hard, and she’s started a few very tough meds that make her even sicker. But this is the start of her third week at my mom’s house, and the two of them are getting along and loving each other just fine. Once we find a filtering system that works for her room, once the hard frost hits to kill the leaf mold, and once we replace some cleaning products, we hope she’ll be settled for the winter. We are also seeking second opinions, just in case we’ve missed something that could fast forward her recovery.

Regarding our old house, I figure that I have about two more hours of hard work cleaning out the kitchen and I’ll be finished there. Tim is still sorting and loading, but the power, heat, and water will be turned off by the end of October, and that will be when we say our official goodbyes.

Last night I went to bed so tired that I never thought I’d be ready for a new week and all of its obligations. But sleep heals, so what felt undoable yesterday feels manageable today. I wish you all a good week, and ask you this:

What do you think a love letter clinic is? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.








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2 thoughts on “Over the top.

  1. Maggie Wilkinson on said:

    Adding water to your wells is a necessary part of continuing to live. I’m glad to hear that you had a time away and together.

    Serena with her grandmother sounds like a good resource for now. I’ll be praying for a cold dry winter and a good filtering system.

    Much love,

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