Finding Home

A mixture of hope and uncertainty.

Lifestyle. Good morning from foggy Vermont. I write to you with a mixture of hope and uncertainty. Yesterday my dear friend of many years, along with her husband, took me out to lunch, and we talked about everything. I came back to Soft Landing refreshed and focused, despite the annoying cold I picked up a few days ago. Today I get to take another dear friend out to breakfast, and I suspect we’ll talk about more of everything. Some of you wonder how I handle all the difficult hurdles and burdens in my life. “How do I get through?” you ask. That’s easy to answer. I have a strong sense of survival, and perhaps more important there are these: friendship, family, faith, and grace.

After I finish this post, I’ll settle down on our comfortable sofa with my cup of PG Tips, and I’ll pick from my stack of books on faith, and I’ll read and pray. This is my morning ritual. It prepares me for whatever may pop up in the day ahead, and it gives me a foundation for how to act. Discernment, kindness, and patience. Sometimes I miss the boat on all three. At the same time, I’m quick to apologize.

You already know about my large, extended family. Ever since I can remember (my third birthday?) they’ve been there, guiding me, challenging me to be a better person, showering me with time and treats. They are a soft, warm blanket to my sometimes chilly, oxygen-depleted days. I’ve been blessed as well with Tim’s side of the family. There’s no shortage of love in my life. And remember all those friends–and Scout!

And grace? I’ve written about that too. Yesterday my sister gave me a new day book to read; she and my mother have the same edition. Every day, in our separate homes and situations, we’ll read an inspirational page and join together as we contemplate the words in front of us. My daughters and husband, they pull me toward them for hugs when I’m so jumbled I forget to reach out. Grace too abides with me.

So as I look ahead to this week and its many challenges, I’m fortified. We’ll move Serena into another temporary home to see if this is finally the one she can breathe in. I’ll bring us to four doctors’ appointments. I’ll work full-time. I’ll give Schoolside one last cleaning before we close up the house. I’ll handle whatever crises come along. And I’ll sneak a few moments to finish up Quill Point.

This week, I hope that you too are fortified for the unpredictability that’s built in to this thing called life. We may be buffeted, whacked at, and sometimes crushed, but thanks to family, friends, faith, and grace, and our pets, we get back up, square our shoulders, brush ourselves off, and keep on going.

What is your foundation built of? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


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2 thoughts on “A mixture of hope and uncertainty.

  1. Glad to read your latest post, I shall catch up on your older posts whenever I have time. Been away from WordPress for so long, hope I could drop by once a while to check out your writings 🙂

    • Thanks so much for returning! I’m almost done Quill Point, just writing the last two scenes. Now there’s room to think about what’s next. I’d like to write a stand alone book, but have no idea about what. I hope all is well!

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