Finding Home

From Schoolside to here.

Good morning from sunny Vermont. I’m blogging from Soft Landing, with Jeff Angione’s Rural Free Delivery FM country music show playing, and Scout crunching his dog food. We are transitioning him from Schoolside to here, and so far he’s doing okay. He whines though when he’s inside by himself, like during those moments when I’m unloading odds and ends from the car. What will he do that first day when he’s alone for a stretch fas we go off to work? That’s not today’s worry.

This weekend we continue to wonder at the amount of our possessions, weed out the objects we cannot use anymore, and whisk away recycling. But hear this: Tuesday and Wednesday, we move Serena to her new home! In each of us, apprehension tussles with excitement. Will she be able to care for herself? Will she rediscover the joy of independence? Will she breathe and sleep better away from the dust, vibrations, noise, and debris of the construction site next door? How will she get to all of her appointments? That’s not today’s worry either.

And then there’s the Kent Family Moving Sale. We price and display on Thursday, and open for business on Friday morning. Good gracious, what a week ahead. Our goal is an empty house and an empty porch. Pray for sunshine and people with pocket money.

That’s it for today. After I finish our laundry, I want to sit outside on our bench and write more on Quill Point. I have to figure out how to stop Eva and Finn from arguing. One thing I miss from our old home? A clothesline. And having room for plants. But, for every problem there’s a solution. What’s your solution for drying clothes inside a small space?

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.





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One thought on “From Schoolside to here.

  1. Maggie on said:

    Dear Lisa,

    Congratulations on your move. And to helping Serena regain her independence. I have confidence that this will be a positive change in everyone’s lives.

    Scout will adapt. He has made some big changes in his life and has good skills. I leave the radio on for my animals when they have to stay home alone. We have a classical music station that fills the air gently and masks the alien sounds that neighbors make, like car doors slamming or lawn mowers humming.

    As for drying clothes, I gave up the clothes line years ago due to allergies. The pollen and seed filled air which seemed to make my clothes – especially sheets – actually brought pollutants into my home. A clothes dryer or clothes rack is much more allergy resistant.

    Good luck with your moving sale. Reducing our belongings has freed us up and helped us realize the priorities in our lives. Sending love your way!


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