Finding Home

Ode to the movers.

Good morning from sunny Vermont. Yesterday Greg Sargent, his wife, and friend moved a truck load of our special possessions into Soft Landing. In all the times we’ve moved, we’ve always had the help of friends and family. This time, all of us being too worn, Tim and I hired out, and the experience was amazing. No heavy lifting. No worries about people hurting their backs or shoulders or knees. All we did was point to what needed to go onto the truck, and then point to where it went in our new home. I tell you, hiring a good moving company is the best thing since Nutella.

Soft Landing itself is as it sounds, sweet and easy. Yesterday I used the kettle on our new gas stove to make my afternoon tea, and today I’ll try the dishwasher. We don’t have our art up yet, and there are tons of areas in our old home that need sorting and cleaning, but I have to say, my heart is already “over there.”

Today Liv comes home from spending a great week with her Uncle Nick and Aunt Amanda. We can’t wait to see how she likes her new room, which my niece Megs lovingly set up for her yesterday. I’ve opened her windows to invite the breezes.

But all that’s later. I’ve dishes to do and Serena’s breakfast to prepare. And I’ll sort and hoe my way through the day. And maybe, just maybe, when I return home to Soft Landing, I’ll write another chapter of Quill Point. Because as my cousin Susan said to me this past week, people are waiting.

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


sargents moving.JPG



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Finding Home

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