Finding Home

Three calls and nothing.

Hello from stormy Vermont. Why is it the norm these days that people don’t return calls? I’ve tried to get a hold of our new landlord three times. Each time I’ve left polite messages, with easy to answer questions regarding how to get our keys and such. Because she hasn’t responded, I have no idea if our unit will be unlocked and ready to go when the mover arrives there with our furniture and boxes. And I’m nervous also because she has our check for first and last month’s rent. And because she had to make some last minute date changes, I don’t even have a copy of our final lease.

With my wild imagination, I could think of a hundred scenarios as to why she hasn’t called back. Her children are sick. She’s on a month’s vacation.  She suffers from social anxiety. Her cell phone got stolen. But the thing is, I can think of several calls I’ve made over the last two months to different people, and these people didn’t return my calls either. Is it the culture now? If it is, I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

When I reach out to someone and get blown off, I feel off-kilter, out of sorts, dismissed. I feel less. My husband says that when he gets to that place of “less,” he tries to switch his frame of mind to gratitude. He focuses on the good things in his life, the “more.” So, as I prepare to pack up our kitchen in time for next week, I leave you with a small list of more.

I have more dog. I have more food and shelter. I have more health. I have more love.

What do you have more of? Check in next week for another segment of Finding Home.


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Finding Home

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