Finding Home

All the “what nots.”

Good morning from rainy Vermont. I’m okay with the rain, because this morning we’ll be traveling to the ocean, and by the time we arrive, sunny skies will greet us. I hope to be in the car and driving by 9:30 a.m., but that means I must get out of the way and let my husband “close.” That means giving him time to pack our roof top travel carrier with its three black duffles, and stuff the small back hatch with a food box, Serena’s filter, and all the “what nots” that don’t fit anywhere else. And my tire light is on, so he has to check the air pressure in my tires. And finally, he’ll do the last walk-through of the house, making sure it’s ready for our dog sitter.

With Scout inside, and the four of us outside, we’ll head East. On the road, it used to be that Liv watched through her window and Serena got lost in a book. When they got older, iPods replaced the watching and the getting lost. Now they listen to carefully constructed playlists, while Tim and I do the old-fashioned thing and converse. He catches me up on politics and we talk about the Red Sox. I hook up my iPad’s one playlist to my pollen yellow Fit’s’ radio and we listen to oldies (oldies meaning the Stones). Our family travels well together.

If all goes as planned, we’ll be at the cottage by 4 p.m. The girls will go in first to investigate and negotiate their rooms, and the rest of us will lug everything in before we take a proper looks. What’s most important this year is that this home is dry, free of damp and mold, and gets lots of sun. Perhaps Serena and I won’t have to sleep outside this time, although that made quite a memory.

I fussed about whether I should bring my laptop so I could work on my book. I’m bringing it. Even if I get just an hour of writing time, I’m still progressing, right? I continue to be pleased with Quill Point and look forward to getting it into my publisher’s hands. 120 pages left to go.

When we come back, my life will be all about sorting into three piles, the pile for our new home, the pile for storage, and the pile for the lawn sale. But that’s for later. Right now there’s the sea to ground me and the sun to warm my cold bones.

I leave you with radishes from Serena’s CSA. What’s your favorite vegetable?

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.






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