Finding Home

Five minutes of surf immersion.

Good morning from sunny Vermont. We are heading east today, putting into place our first leg of a series of possibilities. Once Serena is ready to roll, we are all getting into Tim’s Honda Accord and driving to Freeport, Maine. Who is there? Tim’s brother and his sister-in-law, ready to receive Serena as a member of the household. But before she moves there permanently, we are doing a four-day experiment to ensure that it’s a good fit. Did I mention that Scout is coming along? It’s his first ever road trip. Kibble–check! Water dish and water–check! Leash–check! Serena’s checklist is somewhat more complicated.

I’ll see the ocean today. I’m hoping for five solid minutes of staring out at the water while my feet rest on the sand. This recharge will tide me over until we go on our vacation next month, for a week of surf immersion, silly games, and meaningful conversation. Perhaps I’ll even be able to focus on a book. But today’s not about surf immersion. Today’s about handing over our daughter to her loving aunt and uncle into a newer, healthier home. To see if it works. To see if she can get better there.

I’m bringing five of each of my books, for Nick and Amanda to sell in their shop. If you go to South Freeport, please take the time to stop in. Their antiques are great, a size and price for everyone.nick store.jpg

Time for me find my purse and add in a few dog bones. I’ll fill you in next Saturday on what happens with “the test.” Have you done “tests” in your life?

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.




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4 thoughts on “Five minutes of surf immersion.

  1. Sue Breadner on said:

    Their shop is a wonderful shop! I am currently sitting on a chair that I bought there, and this is where I purchased my copy of your book Peace Cottage! Enjoy your trip, and wishing all the best for Serena’s recovery.

    • Sue–I brought down my books so they can have them at their shop. We didn’t get to visit it yesterday, but hopefully this summer we’ll be able to spend more time there. I’m waiting to hear how Serena’s night was. Fingers crossed!


  2. Maggie Wilkinson on said:

    What a wonderful experiment. Keep an open mind and heart. We too are experimenting. I like that word better than “test”. For me there is more room to compromise. We’re moving from our two level, 2200 sq ft house and double car garage to the home we started in 40 years ago with 1100 sq ft, single level and single car garage. Downsizing it’s called. No stairs. Life is an experiment. We’re remembering the most important thing we have is each other. Our relationship will change but it will grow too. We’re focusing on what we have not on what we don’t have. It’s a different thing than what you are doing but similar. Enjoy the ocean and give hugs to Nick and Amanda for us.

    • Hi Maggie–we got back at 10:30 PM and are all tuckered this morning. I’m waiting to hear how Miss Serena fared. They have a lovely house in a beautiful spot. I wish I could help you in the downsizing process. I’ve gotten really good at letting things go. And yes, experiments are always better than tests. Love to both of you,


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