Finding Home

Bits and pieces.

Good morning from cloudy, brisk Vermont. Yesterday I traveled to Quebec with my mom and sisters to visit my three uncles (her brothers) and three of my cousins. Before we arrived, we went to visit my grandparents’ grave site, which also includes two of my aunts and my uncle Charles. My mother feels that this may be her last visit to her homeland, so you can imagine how poignant and tender this stop was. And then on to lots of laughter as my mom and her brothers shared stories and current events. Joyful sounds from the kitchen. I spoke French as much as I could, but it didn’t matter much since we all understood each other. I look forward to going back for the balloon festival and Acadia Day–both events are held in August this year.

They asked me how my book was coming along, and I said slowly but surely. I told them with the right block of time, I’d finish it up by fall. As an aside, I had a creative burst of energy last night in my dreams and woke up this morning with all the loose threads tied together and the end of the book wrapped up. I may be looking at another sequel.

Of course we talked about my dad. How we all missed him and after a month already, his death still didn’t seem real. Then we all piled into my sister’s CRV and headed back to Vermont, our green state waiting for us with lots of sunshine and just the right amount of breeze.

I end with two bits and pieces. Here’s a link to the for sale information about our house. A thank you to Serena who took the great photos. If you are local, will you please take a minute to share it in your Facebook community?

Finally, Louise Penny comes out with a new book in her great Inspector Gamache series. You remember that when I first started this blog two or three years ago now I wrote to her and asked her to read Peace Cottage? Well, she didn’t, and I got a form letter back, but she still writes excellent stories and I want to support her. Consider starting with her first book Still Life.

I hope you all have a good week. After I close, I hope to settle on the living room sofa and do some more writing on Quill Point. It’s a day of rest here at the Kent home, and what better way to rest than to weave more story. How do you rest?

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


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