Finding Home

Give or take.

Hello from blustery Vermont. Cardboard characters. That’s what I’m thinking of today as I live my very real life. It seems like every minute my nerve endings are busy, busy, busy with feeling. But lately when I write about dear Eva, she’s behind the film, like Harry Potter’s parents in the graveyard scene.

I know words; I’m an expert at words, except the ones I forget. And I know feelings. I’m an expert at those too, except when I stuff them. So why isn’t it simple to pair the two and write something gripping? I’ve figured it out. Instead of writing that Eva did this or Eva did that, I need to think “I am Eva. I feel this.” And I write like that  instinctively when I get going with a good stretch of dialogue. When I lose myself, that’s my best writing. Did I tell you that I’m half done now? I crested page 150, and now 150 more to go, give or take.

We looked at our first potential rental today, and soon I’ll slip away to a quiet place in the house and write down my pros and cons. It’s a new life we’re heading into, and I’m scared some. But looking at the house, I got excited too. After all, we are doing what this blog is all about–finding home. The possibilities…

Thank you all for being so patient and supportive through Serena’s gofundme process. Once I cracked open the door of asking, receiving turned out to be quite a profound and beautiful process.

I’m back to my regular schedule of posting on Saturdays. See you then.









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Finding Home

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