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Confetti pink and aqua blue…

Good afternoon from windy, warm Vermont. All that snow we got last week? It’s melting fast, so much that now we can see all the fallen limbs and twigs in our backyard. And the composting fork has resurfaced. When we bring our dog out to do his business, he doesn’t want to come in; there’s simply too much to sniff.

This morning I had an eye exam after a two year hiatus, and much as changed. Most of the technical talk about my eyes escaped me, but the result is that I now have readers, one for books and the other for computer use. Three of my sisters have readers, and I always wanted to get them because they’re a bright and joyful addition to my sisters’ faces. But my one eye had this condition and my other eye had that condition, and I kept ending up with specialized lenses and no readers.

Until this morning. It turns out that despite the special corrections my lenses offered, my eyes couldn’t figure out how to adapt, so I now have two distance lenses that are comfortable and effective, and I have readers! Not just one pair of readers, but two! One for books and the other for computer use. And they are bright and joyful, a confetti pink and an aqua blue with green trim, with matching chains!

Every time I read or look at my screen, I get joy. And, to top it off, I ordered myself a new pair of back up eye glasses to replace my twelve-year old frames. They’re mod too and they match my silver hair. Joy in seeing better. Joy in wearing things that make me smile. Joy in taking care of myself.

Do you have readers? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.





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2 thoughts on “Confetti pink and aqua blue…

  1. Corlies Delf on said:

    Readers have always looked like fun to me, too, Lisa. I think your confetti ones are Super. Alas, the best correction for me (and, truth be told, probably the most manageable arrangement) is trifocals that stay on my nose every hour of every day. That is, unless I need to look at something tiny. Then my nearsightedness comes in handy, allowing me to focus my uncorrected eyes on an object at a mere six inches!

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