Finding Home

Once she saved a life.

Storytelling. Good morning from cloudy Vermont. I was thinking the other day about my life on the farm, and how I once rescued a young boy from electrocution. Here’s how I worked that memory into Quill Point:

“Eva never got caught up on a live electric fence, just the old, rusted kind that popped up now and then in the middle of the woods. There was an art to the bend, swoop, and rise needed to clear the current. Somehow she learned without her parents’ modeling. They were tall enough to step over the fences if they stood on their toes. When you farmed, you lived with danger.

Now, with her renovated house and sheltered school life, she felt removed from the fears she once wore in her back pocket. The cows kicking her face as she attached their milking machines. Tipping the tractor over as she led a wagon stacked eight high with hay bales down a crooked slope. Or tipping that same tractor as she navigated the slippery, muddy, rutted paths during sugaring.

After her parents died, Mr. Carr took down the electric fences and reused the barbed wire and the posts on his own farm. Though relieved from the liability of someone getting caught up on the wire, Eva missed the fence lining the road she walked every day. Her sentinels permanently gone.

The electric fence acted as a thorn in her parents’ relationship. Her mother Emma hated for their Jerseys and Holsteins to be harmed in any way. For the most part, their herd was gentle. But her father, Randy, hated when the cows trampled his cornfield. Without current, nothing deterred a cow from fresh corn.

Once she saved a life. A young boy visiting with his parents got hung up on the fence near the house when he tried to get to the pasture. His hands clutched around the wire, he was unable to make a sound or break the grip. A mighty zap for a little guy. Eva found him and pulled him off, absorbing her own shock as she rescued him. She wondered if he suffered adverse consequences. She never saw him again.”

What memories do you incorporate into your daily life? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.




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