Finding Home

She hunkered down and paddled.

Story telling. Good morning from chilly Vermont. As I promised last week, here’s a stretch of new writing from Quill Point. I’m happy to say I surpassed page 100 and am steadily moving forward.

“We’re in an undertow—the current’s too strong.” Finn’s voice sounded taut. “We’ll have to ride it out and then make it back. Don’t panic. Just go with it.”

“But we could end up miles from here!” Eva shouted.

“Settle, Eva,” Finn commanded. “The more you resist, the worse it’ll get for us. Just stay with the current!”

Eva took a deep breath and followed Finn’s lead as he let the current take the kayak. They rode along quickly, faster than Eva had ever ridden in either a canoe, raft, or boat. It was like that scene in Finding Dora when Nemo joins the sea turtles in the East Australian Current. Except for her strokes, she stayed as still as possible to soften the rough motion of the kayak. Occasionally, Finn gave directions from the back. Eva did as she was told. Panic gnawed at her as they moved farther from the island.

After twenty minutes, the kayak slowed. Finn said, “I think we’re clear. Let’s see if we can turn the boat.”

Eva looked behind her. She could see the island, but they had a long ride ahead to get there. Finn looked grim. She didn’t ask what their chances were. Instead, she hunkered down and paddled.”

So there’s your teaser for the week, and proof that I’m still at it. How are your resolutions coming along?

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


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