Finding Home

Lemons, not lemonade.

Storytelling. Good morning from gloomy, rainy Vermont. Yesterday I attended the Winter Wonderland Craft Fair. Here’s what happened: The roads were messy, and it took us a good hour plus to get to the foot of Lake Champlain. We set up my table in about ten minutes in a large room with great views on each end, the kind of room that has balconies with black iron filigree, the kind of room that gets a bit chilly if you are there all day sitting behind a table. My husband left to do mysterious shopping things on Church Street, and I got my knitting out and kept occupied while I waited for the crowds.

Beside me, a young woman named Jennifer Ayers set her table up, and it took her a good half hour because of her careful presentation. She was selling fair trade jewelry and handbags made from women in places like Peru and India and Africa. Some bracelets and necklaces were made out of intricate, tiny paper beads, others from the bullets of the wars come and gone from their homeland. As she explained her products, she told stories about the families who were involved in creating The Noonday Collection, tagged “Made with Love.” (See Jennifer’s collection at

I knitted, listened, and looked. My good friend and mentress Carol came for a long visit, and we caught up on everything from truck campers to travel. Later, my dear friend Kathy came and got lunch for me. I was ravenous from knitting so much. And then my husband came early to help pack me up and take me home.

Since the crowds ended up consisting of five people, I sold one copy of Peace Cottage to a lovely lady named Mary from Swanton. She’d had a long drive as well. Selling that book paid for my table fee, and I split my two dollar profit with my husband.

Sure it was crazy to drive on bad roads only to sell one book. But I got tons of knitting time, visited with two people I love. I learned stories from around the world about women resourcefully and creatively keeping their families going. And I found a beautiful handbag from India to add to my wish list.

Some days you get lemons. If you think about it, lemons are perfect just the way they are. No need for lemonade. They make excellent astringents and are good weight in your hand. And their color adds cheerful zest to a countertop.

I’m done with craft fairs for the year. I have a healthy stock of books on hand to sell in 2017 and now it’s time to do year end figures. How many books did I sell? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.







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