Finding Home

Beautiful decoupage ornaments.

Writing. Good morning from snowy Vermont. Today I got up feeling like I was standing in the middle of a busy intersection, but then remembered that it was Rest Sunday. No house chores to do. No obligations except the normal ones, getting the girls’ breakfasts, taking the dog out. I work at the library today, but even though it’s my “job,” it’s not really a job more than a “love.” And classes are finishing up for the term so I’ve more time to respond to questions and help out.

Yesterday I participated in a craft fair, all day, selling and signing my books and other sundries for my family and friends. I hardly left my seat, except to buy a hotdog. I didn’t even venture out to look at all the other delights for sale in the building. After a rough week regarding Serena’s treatment, I just wanted to sit down in one spot and feel, I don’t know, safe, I guess.

My sister had a table beside me. She sold beautiful  decoupage antique spoon ornaments. We had different goals. She wanted to sell most everything she brought. I wanted to sell ten books, and by the end of the day I sold almost double that amount. My husband thinks I underestimate myself as a life pattern. He may be right. I like to keep my standards low so I can handle disappointments. Of course, my standards for myself are almost unreachable. High standards for being a mom, librarian, writer, wife, sister, daughter, friend…I can at least laugh about it now. And these days, as you know, I try to focus on being “good enough.”

The next several weeks are packed with activities, doctors’ and dentists’ appointments, and obligations, so I doubt I’ll have much writing time. But enough people told me yesterday that they were impatiently waiting for book number four that they replenished my motivation bucket. And of course there’s the counterpoint of Advent.

Thank you all who stopped by and said hello and/or purchased my books. A special thanks to Janet, who reads my blog and often comments. How fun to match a name with a face! My question this week is: What is your counterpoint? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.




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One thought on “Beautiful decoupage ornaments.

  1. Selling more than what you hoped for, that’s something to rejoice! 😀

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