Finding Home

Acute thanks.

Raising daughters. Last week, while we dealt with blocked pipes and water restrictions, Serena got another concussion. Just when we thought she had turned that corner, a serious hit on the head set her back. At first I was furious and filled with grief–not this, Lord; anything but this. But then, that same Lord reached out to my hand and pulled me up, so that I could support her again through this new and trying bump in the road.

She’s not where she was last year at this time. Now she has a team of doctors supporting her. She’s on treatment that’s working, and the oxygen lift she gets every week helps heal traumatic brain injuries as well. Even with her concussion, she has improved. I tell her she is well out of the murky swamp and definitely on the road.

Sometimes I worry that I have run out of the capacity to care for her. That after almost two years, I’m spent. But I think it’s like amniotic fluid. You just keep producing it until you don’t need it anymore.

And then there’s Liv. She helped me assemble Christmas gifts today, trim the tree, and patiently listened to all the holiday classics I grew up with. Once she even hummed along. And when we gave her an early Christmas present today, a warm and stylish coat just right for fifteen year old girls, she looked so healthy, our shining girl.

And so I’m grateful. Not the light kind of grateful I used to toss off without thinking much about it, you know, when everything worked. No, I’m acutely grateful, the bone-deep grateful that my daughters are alive and with us under our roof. That, even with affliction, even with knowing that this next year may be just as difficult for us, we know where they are and are keeping them as safe as we can in this mixed up world.

Next week I’ll spend the day at the Bishop John A. Marshall School in Morrisville, selling and signing my books. It’s from 9 to 3 PM and I hope to see you there. Beside me, one of my sisters will be selling her wares, beautiful ornaments, and I’ll have the entire day to be with her. That’s an early Christmas present to me.

And one more thing. Every now and then I get a note out of the blue from someone saying that they really liked my books and can’t wait for the next one. Well, one of those notes came just a few days ago from a reader named Andrea. Perfect timing to add cheer to our household. Thank you!

What is it that you like to receive unexpectedly? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.










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4 thoughts on “Acute thanks.

  1. Oh Lisa…
    Will there ever be time for a cup o tea? Maybe a short one…
    Sonya is currently in route back from Standing Rock – the protest to the North Dakota Access Pipeline – which is where she decided to spend her Thanksgiving! Oh these girls…
    Sending you all many blessings.

  2. Corlies Delf on said:

    It really feels like you’re fully engaged in your blue jay’s dance, your efforts to support and protect and empower your daughters. I’m sending you love and energy for every challenge, and a gently glowing candle of fondness from me to you.

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