Finding Home

Riddled with root balls.

Learning. Good afternoon from sunny, warm Vermont. Friday I learned that our main Orangeburg sewage pipe was riddled with root balls. An excavation crew arrives Monday morning to clear several trees and replace the pipe with a sturdier substance. We surely know the bane and blessing of home ownership. “The blessing is what?” you might ask. With the trees cut down and wood chipped, more light will pour into the house. And of course, we’ll have working toilets again!

But Friday, as I watched the large pipe snake through our kitchen to remove what needed to go, I felt like I was walking into Peace Cottage for the first time, mud and sewage on the floor galore. When the crew left, I scrubbed and tidied to make the kitchen home again–just like Lucy.

So Monday I’ll stay home with a different work crew and this unexpected time off will provide me with some time to write more of Quill Point, another blessing, although my boss at work might not see it that way. He’s been more than flexible this year. When eventually a buyer comes to visit our house for the first time, I’ll walk her over to where our new sewage line is and I’ll tell her, “Underneath this spot of earth, you’ve got a beautiful pipe.”I’m sure that will clinch the deal.

What’s special at your house that no one else can see? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.




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2 thoughts on “Riddled with root balls.

  1. Your root balls made my problems this week seem small. Furnace died and had to be replaced. The workers disconnected my washer drain so they could drain the pipes into the sewer but forgot to connect it back. Water in the cellar but no sludge. Blessing my cellar floor is cleaner and my house has heat. Thanks for the laughs and chuckle.

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