Finding Home

The elephant in the room.

Good morning from chilly, sunny Vermont. This past week a friend notified me, distraught about the election, and asked me for some good news. I took some time to get my thoughts together and told her that I hadn’t burned the bacon that morning, that it was snowing out while the sun shone and the leaves darted all over the place, so that meant it was just the right time for Christmas music, that Serena managed to make it downstairs to the living room couch to watch a home renovation show with me, and that I had figured out the perfect low budget, personalized holiday gifts and couldn’t wait to assemble them with the girls and Tim.

And then it occurred to me that finding good news was the perfect strategy for me regarding my next four years as a highly sensitive American. That extending my goal of choosing joy for the next year to the next four was the best way to cope with the divisiveness we are experiencing as a country. You can tell me that I’m hiding my head in the sand. You can tell me that as a citizen I must continue to engage. And all that’s true. But I still need to get up and live my very challenging life with the least amount of added anxiety. And right now our “divided America” constitutes added anxiety.

So let me end by telling you some more good news. I’m writing away on Quill Point, my writer’s block gone. I’ll be at two craft fairs this December, at Bishop John A. Marshall School in Morrisville on December 3rd, and at the Second Annual Winter Wonderland Banquet and Showcase in Burlington on December 17th. Peace Cottage has taken off in the Kindle market, and the crew who mows our lawns has trimmed our flower gardens down and hauled away the leaves. Things are looking good around here (like the sunset view from Serena’s room last week). What’s your good news?

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.









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2 thoughts on “The elephant in the room.

  1. Feels like a well spent sunday reading your blog.

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