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Sometimes you need a trench.

Lifestyle. Hello from sunny Vermont. The shortest distance between two points is the gas line trench dug in the rain yesterday. We needed another tank and our original one didn’t meet code specifications, so our fuel company moved the old one away from the house, and added a new tank by its side. These two structures are now in plain sight of the office table where I write. So that they stop irritating my line of vision, I’ve decided to personify them. Now our old tank has a young new friend to commiserate with. The two together stand as sentinels to the east.

Meanwhile, after a debacle with our refrigerator, we now have a clean, working unit again. All those ancient, exotic jars of sun-dried tomatoes and thai paste? Recycled! I’ll hit the Farmer’s Market today to refill the veggie bins.

The point in all this rambling is: Don’t think your week is going to go the way you planned. Things break down, and sometimes you need a trench. I haven’t written a word in my new book in the past six days. Neither has Louise Penny, one of my favorite authors. Her husband died of Alzheimer’s. I don’t even know her, but I feel so sad for this woman who cared for her husband so lovingly and faithfully as she created amazing work.

Here’s a photo that Serena took on Plattsburgh Beach, where we took a quick pit stop on the way back from her doctor’s appointment.

Do you have a favorite animal or seasonal photo you wouldn’t mind adding to my stock collection of pictures? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


serena's bird.jpeg



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2 thoughts on “Sometimes you need a trench.

  1. Corlies Delf on said:

    Hurray for a stop at the beach, however brief!

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