Finding Home

Good morning from sunny Vermont! I’m writing and writing on Quill Point, and I’d love to talk with you about it, but many of you haven’t read Vinehart Farm so I don’t want to give anything away. But it’s good to back with Eva and Finn, speaking for them, describing their moves and thoughts. That’s not today’s topic though. Today I return to joy.

Remember how I told you that I decided to choose joy for a year? Well, something peculiar is happening. I’m gaining weight. Michael Pollan gave an author talk at Google (it’s on YouTube) and he talked about food, and how it wasn’t only about health, but about comfort and community too. Now that I’m not scrutinizing everything I put into my meals and mouth, comfort foods slip in daily. Chocolate. Gluten-free baby Bundt cakes made by Michelle Tomlinson An extra glass of wine during the week. And homemade slices of gluten free bread. I’m not exercising more to compensate, so I’ve a new middle. (Her name is Joy.) I don’t plan to change anything. It’s what I need right now, and this food is joyful, every bite!

I’m also continuing to cull in the house as we prepare for that perfect buyer, and we have hundreds of cassette tapes we made back when we’d listen for hours to the radio for that song and then race to hit record. For joy, I’m listening to one at a time to decide whether I want to keep it. So many memories, most of them from playing them during all the road trips I took getting back and forth from volleyball tournaments. Some songs start half-way through. Some tapes are so warbley that I can’t recognize the artist anymore. The next step is to figure out how to recycle what I don’t want. I’ll call around.

Sundays continue to be days of rest, and I’m easy with them now. Lots of quiet time, visiting with my parents, writing and reading to myself or to my daughter to distract her from pain.

Remember Please come to Boston? It’s playing now. What did you do with all your old cassettes?

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.


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Finding Home

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