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What we already knew.

Lifestyle. Good afternoon from sunny Vermont. Tomorrow I am going to the sea, where I feel the most grounded and and at my fullest potential as a human being. Yesterday I learned why the Atlantic pulls me so. It’s genetic. I kid you not. Serena had her genetic code read to give her more information to heal, and when she told me some of the results yesterday, I cried. Turns out that my husband and I each gave her the “brainiac gene,” held by 3 to 5 percent of the population. This gene makes your brain release too much glatamate, resulting in quicker and deeper thinking capacity, but also high anxiety. We also passed on a high sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. That’s why all of us dread malls but love the ocean. You won’t find many power lines at the beach, and it’s one of the most grounded places for anxious people like us.

Imagine that–high tech science confirms what we already knew. She’s got pages of information regarding her predisposition to Lyme, but the brain/anxiety/groundedness piece really hit home. It sums me up–my need for calm places and situations, my ability to think things to death. I wouldn’tbeach-73077_960_720.jpg have chosen to get genetic testing, because it’s difficult enough for me to process and handle what I know about myself let alone what I don’t. But this information came to me as a gift, like a window to my inner clockwork.

What do you all think of genetic testing? Is it for you? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.



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4 thoughts on “What we already knew.

  1. Corlies Delf on said:

    I agree on both counts, Lisa. I’m not inclined to have genetic testing myself, And the information you learned indirectly from Serena’s very valuable testing is fascinating. And it’s wonderful that you already know yourselves so well, and this comes as just a confirmation.

  2. Amanda Kent on said:

    Our intuition is strong and the knowledge is there, but it’s always satisfying when we get a confirmation from an outside source. Just another reminder to trust your gut!

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