Finding Home

A decade of doubles.

Mothering. Good morning from sunny Vermont. I’m blogging a day early today and next Friday so that I’ve got more time to get the word out regarding Vinehart Farm. When I settled in Vermont’s capitol city after college with my first real full-time job, I realized quickly that I felt lonely and had too much spare time on my hands. A sports girl, I honed in on my favorite activity–volleyball. So one September night, I attended an open gym with two nets set up. That night, the locals deemed me good enough to play, and for the next ten years my social life evolved around this sport, volleyball teams, tournaments, and parties. (I also sang and played in the church choir.)

My favorite game was grass doubles, two on two on grass courts that left my bare feet lime green every night. We played competitively, so much that my adrenalin surges interfered with my ability to sleep at night. But I was young, right? To be fair, when we all went out for nachos, I ate chocolate cake, so it could have been that…

Anyway, after my version of living life on the edge, my body crashed. Everything hurt, my muscles, joints, and I was exhausted. And I couldn’t seem to tolerate the sun much. My blood tested positive for Lupus, and so I began the two-year road of learning to care for myself. I stopped playing and started walking. I designed a regular bedtime routine. I began a new relationship with food. I got better. I grew out of Lupus. But my volleyball bug didn’t go away. I watched my husband play instead, and caught whatever games I could on television.

Fast forward to last night. Liv, my younger daughter, will join the volleyball team at her new school this fall. For graduation from her old school, we got her a volleyball and kneepads. We set up an imaginary court and she and I played against my husband. Don’t feel bad that he played alone. He used to be an excellent player, and he easily beat us in game one. But we came back for the next game, winning by two points. I played in sneakers, because I knew that if my feet got green, I wouldn’t be able to reach them due to achy muscles.

Things come around, don’t they? I hope she has as many joyful times as we did. Well, maybe not so many parties! What’s come around in your life?

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.





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