Finding Home

A book is born.

Storytelling. I can’t seem to remember when I typed the first sentence of Vinehart Farm–it must be over two years ago now. Serena was still in college, Liv hadn’t started attending the school she’d fall in love with. Even then I grappled with time management. I know I sawed and hacked my way through the plot, destroying adverbs and “is”es and “was”es along the way. The setting came naturally–a combination of the farmhouse I grew up in and the first (farm)house my husband and I ever bought. The characters developed themselves, and with my editor’s sharp eye, stretched into three-dimensional beings. You all know I struggled with the ending, and I still don’t know if it fits.

Someone asked me how autobiographical this book is. There are bits and pieces of memories and truth from my growing up years, but it’s still fiction, still a story.

Vinehart Farm comes out in nine days. I’m working through the edits of the press release for our local paper, and if you go to you’ll find a giveaway going on. This weekend I’m touching  base with Katie Robinson, who designed my website. I hope she’ll be able to give me a quick reminder of all the things I can do to market this book well. My publisher, Curiosity Quills, has sent out advanced readers’ copies for comment. I’m waiting for that first review, and of course, your first comments.

Here’s to you, little book. Good luck.

Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.





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2 thoughts on “A book is born.

  1. Can’t wait

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