Finding Home

House for sale.

Good morning from cloudy Vermont! You may remember that our house, Schoolside, is for sale. Yet a strong theme in both my life and my books is a sense of place. What gives? I love our old, beautiful house, with its stained glass windows, large, sunny rooms, and the eleven years of memories it holds for our family. I feel safe and sheltered in Schoolside, like Lucy and her girls do in Peace Cottage. But circumstances change, and what was once a good fit has become difficult and awkward. Now we need one floor living. Now we need the assurance that if something breaks we don’t have to figure out how to fix it, because we neither have the time nor the energy.

When our home sells, we will become renters. No more deep ties to our own piece of earth. How will we create a sense of place? It’s not that hard. Start with shelter. Add safety. Add peace and quiet. Toss in a small, curly white dog, two daughters, and a husband. And sprinkle with a few objects we love–for me, my writing table, picture frames, tea kettle, and my soft ocean blue prayer shawl. And there you have it–home. Place. No roots required.

Think about what place means to you. Then join the conversation. What are your ingredients? Check back next week for another segment of Finding Home.



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2 thoughts on “House for sale.

  1. Oh Lisa,

    Fred and I have been having conversations about “Place” and this post enriches that conversation. It is such a key element for me – as our neighbor’s land is going up for sale and there was just this terrible article about maybe Green River Reservoir (we consider this our back yard) being drained!

    I look forward to the next post… and dare I say… I would LOVE to schedule a tea… do we dare?



    • Gerette–it’s too much heartache to hold onto something that doesn’t work anymore. I too have been following the fate of the Reservoir and of course thought of your family. Keep having conversations. Eventually you’ll say the words that make the best sense. And yes, tea! This week?

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