Finding Home

Red corduroys: a Rescue Story

Good morning and welcome from cloudy Vermont.

Maybe it was the commencement of spring, or may the ancillary pain of bacteria die off, but the pile of clothing on her floor had to go, and right away! So I taped up a box, sat at the foot of my daughter’s bed, and began picking up and folding each item from the messy pile at my feet. Shirts, skirts, various odd-colored uniforms from her high school sports days–I stacked them all in the box, preparing them for someone else’s use.

But then they found me–barn red skinny corduroys in perfect condition, and so very soft to my touch. I held them up to my daughter. “You’re giving these up? Why?” “I never wear them” “But they’re so soft!” “I know. That’s why I bought them. On one of our trips to Maine. Portland Goodwill. Seven dollars. Try them on!”

I rose from her bed and went into our bedroom, shutting the door for both privacy and the full-length mirror on it’s other side. I sashayed around and spun a few times, happy with their look and feel. But then I got cold feet. Could a middle-aged woman go out in public with tight fitting barn red corduroys? Would people look at me and think, “Oh don’t you hate it when older women try to look like teenagers?”

I threw on a black long-sleeved shirt and modeled for my daughter. “They look good, Mom.” I thought so too, so I wore them for two days straight, in and out of the house. Someone bought these pants once and passed them on until they came home to me. How delicious.

Red is one of my brand colors. It’s on my blog, in my books, and now it’s on me. Do you have red corduroys, or something like them? Tell me your story. And then, check back next Saturday for another segment of Finding Home.







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5 thoughts on “Red corduroys: a Rescue Story

  1. I have that same little rocking chair my grandma got for me in the very early 50’s

    • It’s funny. Our home is filled with “old things” that we’ve collected on purpose throughout the years. My daughters are not interested in our passing on furniture to them. They want “modern.” Oh well, at least they like second hand clothes!

  2. Amanda on said:

    They do too love some of the old things…just not ready for them yet…. OK about the RED corduroys- I love them on you! I haven’t even seen them officially on you, but I know I will love them. Soft, nuzzy, comfy, they are meant to be and you are NOT too old to wear something like that. Absolutely not. I hope you are still wearing something like that when your 80+ ’cause you can carry it off “girl friend”. Old age has nothing to do with it! Be BOLD- be YOU!

    • I think you are right, Amanda. Someday they’ll appreciate our collections and the stories that each piece has to go with them. But right now Liv likes black, white, and a splash of red. Yet her room is pink. No explaining it! Love you back!

  3. Amanda on said:

    PS- Love ya and miss ya!

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