Finding Home


Lyme trumps writing. This past week I spent most all my time outside of working at the library comforting my daughter as she endured severe pain. Once I bent down to hug her and got my long silver earrings stuck in her hair. So there she was, totally exhausted and just wanting love, having to hold still as I tried to get us separated. Are we laughing about it yet? Not quite, but I’m sure in ten years we will.

Lyme trumps making book deadlines. I’d probably be able to finish Vinehart Farm and turn it around in about three hours. But I don’t have three hours. And if I did, I’d be spending it with my other daughter. Which reminds me. I’ve been taking her out to breakfast once a week, and this morning we discovered Deb’s Place. The servers are friendly, the food is good, and the atmosphere is Vermont at its best. So as of this morning, we have a breakfast club. I want us to go there every week until we turn into “regulars.” How long does that take around here?

Vinehart Farm. Someone asked on Facebook what it was about. I answered something like this: a young woman, a farm, an inheritance, a romance, a mystery, a sequel. Yes, a sequel. Because now I have to entire second book mapped out in my brain. But remember:

Lyme trumps writing. Here’s my daughter who takes the great photos.




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One thought on “Trumping

  1. Corlies Delf on said:

    This is just the saddest thing, Lisa, your wonderful daughter S having Lyme. It’s not something I know much about … Am I naive to hope she’ll be Much Better soon? Don’t worry about educating me … I’ll learn a bit on my own, and in the meantime, always, I’ll be sending you all thoughts of healing, uplifting, and caring. And love.

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Finding Home

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