Finding Home

Making my own sun.

It’s chilly and cloudy here in Vermont this morning. In a few hours I’ll get into my Honda Civic for the last time and head for the Honda dealer to pick up my new Honda Fit. My bright, blinding yellow Honda Fit. For the next three years, whatever the weather, I’ll be making my own sun every time I drive. I worked this past Wednesday my usual 1 to 9 pm shift, and the next morning my car was inspected as part of my end of lease requirements. Turns out my car was hit while I was working, and I didn’t see the significant damage because when I drove it home, that part of the car was snow covered. When the inspector told me, and gave me the amount I’d have to pay on turn in day, I was flabbergasted. What kind of luck is that? And what does it say about the person who hit me and left no note? But I’ve moved on. Make no judgments, you know the thing about not throwing any stones? Anyway, I look forward to turning this grayish black and obviously hard to see car and getting my blinding yellow Fit. I’ve named it Saffron, after one of the characters in Peace Cottage, Saffy for short. On our way to get my car, I’ll drop off my flash drive at the local printers to get my latest draft of Vinehart Farm printed, and then pick it up on my way back. I’m still looking for something creative to end the book; a slight wisp of possibility is emerging. Perhaps when I’m driving home feeling like a wild thing, something will coalesce. In the meantime, if you are in Vermont and you see a bright yellow car, wave to me!


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Finding Home

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