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Making Assumptions

Yesterday I met with a dear family member for lunch, and I acquired an education regarding assumptions. In her gentle way, she told me stories that I could store away and ponder. And what I came away with on the semi-long trip back home was what I thought I saw for decades wasn’t the whole deal, just a small part of it. And what I left out was richer and more difficult than what I could have ever imagined. And with that realization, I felt my edges get softer, more accommodating, and more compassionate. Just by sitting with me and talking, she pointed the way for me to become a better person.

So now that leaves me curious about all the people who I think I’ve known. What else is in their personalized art kit of life that I’ve missed because of assumptions? And what have people missed about me because of the assumptions they’ve made?

I’ve decided to incorporate the emptiness of assumptions in my current draft of Vinehart Farm. This book is the perfect medium for clarifying how Eva sees, and tempering how she acts, based on assumptions. When you hold this book in your hands come June, think back to this blog post and you’ll recognize the dialogue of my acquiring an education on a winter Saturday in January.




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2 thoughts on “Making Assumptions

  1. Every day of our lives are full of assumptions. At least my days are. I start off assuming I will have a routine beginning to my day – a walk, breakfast, coffee. Each day has a different list of things I want/need to accomplish and so I begin. But, I have an aging mother. She turned 94 this winter, she has fallen several times lately, she is now recovering from a stomach flu. There is a need to be prepared……..for what, when I must go… can I prepare……Fortunately Mom and I live only 15 minutes apart yet I try to prepare to go to her whenever she needs me to. So, I plan my day and assume all will be well. I visit her several times during the week and always assume I will see her again. But still when I kiss her goodbye and tell her I love her I’m prepared for this to be the last time. I have a little bag packed with a toothbrush in it, my prescriptions, a change of underwear, a breakfast bar, etc. I may need to go and stay for awhile. Everyday I assume I will get my tasks done, go to the market, tidy the house, make dinner, but everyday I’m prepared for a topsy turvy day when everything I’ve ever known changes, that day when I say goodbye forever to Mom. I never turn my phone off. I guess I have multiple assumptions. Your blog has heightened how to keep my awareness of assumptions of the future in balance with my awareness of the present. Thank you!

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