Finding Home

Little Birds

This Christmas my husband gave me a small, red-capped bird feeder. He attached it to one of my office windows, filled it with sunflowers, and then I waited to see if the chickadees would find me. As of this morning, they have, and it’s wonderful having them glide in, snap sunflowers in their tiny beaks, and glide out again to munch in private. He’s offered to get one for my older daughter’s windows, so when she is in her bed resting and healing, she can watch the birds do what she will one day do again, flap and glide with her wings.

I’ve posted on Facebook about the 1000 countdown, 2016 Peace Cottage Book Series Challenge. That’s my goal this year, to sell 1000 Peace Cottage and Raising Evangeline books combined. I’ll post with every 100 milestone reached, and give away a set while I’m at it. Somehow, selling 1000 books a year makes me feel substantial. 1000 books have weight; I couldn’t possibly carry them all.

2015 was the first year in about twenty that I did not send out a family newsletter. I simply had no words, as it was rough at home. But now that it’s a new year, I can already post about the chickadees and how elated I was when the first one landed. I keep turning my head to see if I’ve got a visitor.

This week I have to FACE THE SECOND ROUND EDITS OF VINEHART FARM. Capital letters mean that it is looming and seems insurmountable. But the thing about me, as I discover more and more through the years, is that I get through. I survive. I get it done. Word by word, I’ll inch through the publishing process so you all can have a new book to read this June. Just like the little birds found me, I’ll find you, readers, and I hope I’ll bring a smile to your faces.chickadee



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2 thoughts on “Little Birds

  1. Maggie on said:

    Word by word and bird by bird, you not only get through, you fly and soar and make a difference in the lives of many.

  2. Ah Maggie–you are the best! Journal coming next week!

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